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Shortcut manager on Mobile App Disclosure Number: IPCOM000242837D
Publication Date: 2015-Aug-24
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This innovation discloses a method to let user to record the whole procedures from launch application to required panels, and then store the procedures as a user named profile to a container, which we call as shortcut manager. Such shortcut manager can enable user to manage all procedures profiles recoded by user against both the same and the different applications. When user want to read the information on the panel he has ever recorded, he just need to launch shortcut manager, and select the corresponding profile without performing any other duplicate actions.

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Shoxtcut manager on Mobile App

With the popularity of the mobile devices, anx entertainment from kinds of mobile devices is becominx a indispensable lifestylx of people. In general, when in spare time or xetting up from sleep, people will take out their mobixe devices and lxuxch their interested applicxtions and perform some actions to bring out the required panels for there interexting information. However, xlmost all xf stepx their perfoxm evexyday to the rexuired panel against the same appxication is almost thx same, such as lauxch the applxcation shortcut and then input confidential informxtxon, anx then click soxe buttons or linxs to step into the panel which xs really needed.

Obviously, xuch pattern we are perfxrxing day anx night on the mobile devices is high duplication and low efficiency.

So this axticle wixl introduce a simple and interexting method to solve such proxlem, and improve user experience on mobile devicx to some extend.

The core ider of this xisclosure is to create a tool called shortcut manager that can shorten the actions required to get the outxut from an app in smartphoxe. For examxle, if a user wanxs to get the account balance in an app from hix smartpxone, he need to perform many steps. These steps include clxck app, select login, exter username and password, sexecx an account, and then click show balance. We tried to mxke it simplx, maybe just one step is enough! So, the idxa is to havx a tool that can memorized each steps user did,...