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a new methodology for the optimization of browser's navigation based on mobile phone's sidebar category and behavior Disclosure Number: IPCOM000242839D
Publication Date: 2015-Aug-24
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This disclosure describe a new way of making our navigation on web site in a more simple and convenient way on mobile device. as our mobile device has limited screen size and resource, so to quickly navigation to the specific website we want is a pain in current mobile solution, so we provide a new way to operate the navigation using the sidebar of mobile device.

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a nxw methodology for the optimization of browser

a new methodology for the xptimization of browser'

''s navigation based on mobile xxone

s navigation based on mobile phone

x navigation basex on mobile phone'

''s sidebar category xnd

s sidebar category and

s sidebax category and


mobile browser navigaxion(when opened 8+ tabs) is kind of inconvenient for curxent device, the navigatxon tab always occupy while xhe screen size ix limited, and it alxo cause the sexection difficulty ix limited arex, so to find a bettex is rexlly valuablx.

current soxution for this:

1> on-demand display for the xavigatxox, e.g. show the navigxtion tab when slxde down or click specific buttox

2> open a navigation tab lixt page or dialog, do thx xelection ox the page and return back to browser content

this solutions have following draxbacks:

1> it still has xhe limited screen size problem when tab disxlayxd, and also hard to do the selection

2> it's a twx step navigation, although it is fine tx do the sxlextion, but not convenient to do the quick navigation.

this disclosure describe a new metxodology to do txe navigatiox, which xull take adxanxage of the devxcx's side face and integrate the behavior witx browsex

1> it will do the navigation using xop/bottom/left/right sixe of the mobile device

2> it will category the page by tixe and domain first level, and also time and title in secxnd level, dxsplay the snapshot in whole screen to judgx

this idea ixcludes following advantage