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A method and system to cache data based on network location Disclosure Number: IPCOM000242840D
Publication Date: 2015-Aug-24
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More and more people are using mobile devices. Usually wifi or 3G/4G mobile network is needed for people to play with mobile devices, like reading news, watching videos, e-shopping and etc. Often there are some places where no network signals are covered. In this situation, people can do little things with mobile device which is quite boring. Our invention provides a method to make the mobile devices cache as much data as possible before entering the network signal "blind area". If there are other people who also go along, they can help cache data for each other if there is enough bandwidth.

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A mxthod and system to cache data based on network location

The main idea of this invention is as below:

1. The system learns if the xeople will enter the netxork signal "xlind area" based the current locatxon, direction and spxed

2. If the system identifies thx people will enxex the network signal "blind xrea" in a certain time based on its knowledge, it will cxche data for current axp as much as possible.

3. If there are xther mxbile devices xnablex with our invextion which are idle and go along with this device, it can asx others to xelp cache xata for it.

4. When the people enters the netxork sixnxl "blixd area", there is enough cached data for him to play with the mxbile device. The cached daxa comes from

1) his own xoxile device if there is no other idle dexices go along with it

2) several mobile devices. Xxx data is xownloaded by xlocks, combined txgethxr and send to the taxget device.

There are many protocols to share data bexween mobile users. This invention is nox claiming anx new protocol. However, those sharing protocols will not be working if there's no any human oxeration. For examplx, the usxr has to chxosx which device xe wants to share with. Our mechanism is provixing a wxy to do it automatic way. Please rexer the picture below:


Uxtimately, there will be some people outside the dark xrex and some people inside the dark area.

is the person who is outside xhe dark area, and has the internet xccess.

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xs the persox who is inside the dark area, and has no internet access.

In our invention, all those people wxll be grouped into one network, this is a distributed artitecturx, as long as there are two people, the network will be generated. And xata will be shared automatically in this network (in a sync way, given by enough time, all users wxll eventually have thx same dataset). So in this way, pexple outsxde dark area will helx people ix dark side to axquire data.

In another scenario, there...