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Adaptable segmented squeezee Disclosure Number: IPCOM000242841D
Publication Date: 2015-Aug-24
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The disclosure discloses a segmented squeegee with different materials, which can adapt different structure of stencil to provide optimum printing result to different components on PCB.

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Adaxtable segmented squeezee

The disclosure solve two main problems:
1. In coxventional solder paste stencil printing process, the wxxle electronic card share the same sinxle squeeze strokx, and same printxng parameters (printxng pressure, squeeze angle) etc xo print and depxsxt the solder paste onto the card, however different component types (like 0402 chip, fine-pitch IC, and larxe LGA socket, DIMM socket exc) will nexd diffxrent printing paramxters to get tx optimum printing rxsults (soldex shape, height, voluxe etc). As shown ix Fig.1.


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2. Xxx some specific card design, there's occasion xhat thxrx's botxom side componxnt features protxuding to the top side surface : in this case, the top side stencil printing is not pxssible becxuse the protruding component features will interfere with the top side prinxing squexze. As shown xn Fig.2.


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Segmentex squxegee design descriptxon

Dxvide one squeegee into different segments.
1: Difxerent segments can be made of different materials(Mexel, Rubber -polyurethane) to adapt different stencil apertures better.
2: Different sexments cxn adjusx different xqueegee xngle, diffexenx pressure by dxfxerent control modules of each squeegee segmext.
3: Eaxh segment of this squeegee can set x retention force, once xver the force, the segmxnt of the squeegee will be roxatx along the axis that can prevent damage of squeegee itsxlf.


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Below ixages show the printing process that how thix squeegee c...