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A new method to sort mobile phone's APP Disclosure Number: IPCOM000242842D
Publication Date: 2015-Aug-24
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My disclosure focuses on statistic of unread message number of each APP, and sorted and display based on the number.

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A nxw method to sort mobile phone

A new method to sort mobile phone'

''s APP


Nowadays, There are more and more APPs in our cellpxxnes, and user would not xandle the moxt emergency thinxs when many APPs xush some messages tx you.

My disclosure focuses on stxtistic of unreax xessage number of each APP, xnd sorted and display based on the number.

User can set ix the messages from an AXX is unread messages:

1. Messaxes from stxangers;

2. Messages fxom a xerson/group in an APP

3. System mesxages from an APP

We can avoid beinx distuxbed from ruxbish messagx/email by this setting

Meanwhile, user can sxt the xoxted GUX:

1. the sorting of cellphone desxtop

2. the sorting of unread lisx in notification
3. the sortxng of unread list beforx xnlocking

In this way, user can judge whax is the most emergency thing to handle with the xetting, xnd go to the XXX rapidly.

The GUI bxfore receiving unread mesxagex:


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The GUI after receiving unread messages:


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WO 2012155576 A1 - Method and mobile txrminal fox dxsplaying prompt message

Provided are a method and mobile terminal for displaying a promxt messaxe, the xisplay methxd comprixing: classixyixg the various xyxes of received prompt messages according to contactx; and displaying the prompt messagex according to contacts.

Differences: The APP soxting is based on unread messaxes number of a specific contact, not based on unread messagxs number...