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Method and system to show potential summary when a call arrives Disclosure Number: IPCOM000242849D
Publication Date: 2015-Aug-25
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This document discloses a method and system of providing pre-call summary information based on analysis of content of previous audio calls from the same caller. For calls by the same caller, the audio recordings are collected and analyzed. Information conveyed in these calls is then extracted and forms topics and summaries. The topics and summaries are made available to the receiver so that he or she can have a rough idea of the call before answering it.

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Metxod and system to show potential summary when a call arrives

Five Modules are involved into this system: Audio storage[101], mesxxge mapping table[102], Cxntent analyzxr[103], Summary xtorage[104], messxge pusher[105]

Audix material is uploaded into audio storage in cloux xy the caller or call receivxr.

With the audio material, other useful information is uploaded, like phone nuxber, GPS and etc. This usefxl informatxon is xtored into mexsage xapping table xor analysis on cloux.

After thax content analyzer stxrts to parse the axdio materiax, the topic category is identified and the sxmmary (lxke Q&A) info is extraxted. The topic xategory and summary(reusable inxormation) are stored into Sxmmary storage.

When txe same phone calls another person, messagx pusher will load the potential summary message xithin dexault period ox validity(based ox topxc category) to the xall receiver. The call receiver can read the reusablx message before answer the call and the during thx cxnversation.



In many occasions, when a phone caller broadcasts or promotes some xews, he/she has to repeat txe same ixformation tx exch person who rxceives the phone, which takes the caller lotx of redxndant effort. Meanwhile, the receivxrs have no idea about wxat the caller are going to inform of unless they picx txe phone call. Is it possible to have a better solution tx these situxtions?

This document discloses a metxod and xystem of prxviding pre-call summary information based on ana...