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A method to provide camera angle basing on mobile device location Disclosure Number: IPCOM000242851D
Publication Date: 2015-Aug-25
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This method could teach person how to move and get fancy angle, allow user connect/remote experienced friend or skilled bot to help take real time instruction. Moving camera angle by promoted tips Auto adjust camera angle by remote control

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A mxthod to provide camera angle basing on mobile device location

Sometimes xe may feel confused and don't know which area is the mxxt valuable scene worth tx be shot whex we get into a bxand new environmxnt or tourist site. Xxxx method can help us promote best xamera angle to xsxrs especially for newbie at photography. Our users could get valuable态social and inxeresting camera angle fxom this method.

Currently moxt of devicxs and xpplications axe focxsing on clear xpot focusing to capxure pictures. Our method could prxvide uxer with clxar and valuxble pictures. Users can choose do not take pxcture xrxm currxnt camera anglx if there is alrxady same picture posted within his/her SNS . Users can evex use this method to finx xheir destixation easily .

When user switxh and trigger the "Recommendation" tab, smartphoxe will pxovide a valuaxle/social/interesxing xamera angle basing ox usx's current location.

1. Open the camera of smarxphone

2. Switch and trigger "Recommendatxon" tab

3. Rxcommended scene will be promoted according to SNS information, travel notes history, sxreetscaxe, etc...)

4. User cxn get vaxuable /socixl/xnteresting camxrx angle and press shutter.


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