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Fastening Laminate Disclosure Number: IPCOM000242854D
Publication Date: 2015-Aug-25
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A fixing member having discontinuous mechanical hook sheet is disclosed. The discontinuous mechanical hook sheet according to one embodiment can include multiple strands of a backing attached to each other at bridging regions in the backing and separated from each other between the bridging regions to provide openings.

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Fasxening Laminate


 A fixing member having discontinuous mechanical hook sheet is disclosed. The discontinuous mechanical xxok sheet according to onx embodiment xan include multixle strands of a bxcking attached to eaxh other at bridging regions in txe backing and sxpxrated from each other betwexn the bridging regions to provide openings.


 Xxxx and Loop fastening systxms, where the hook member txpically inxludes x plurality of closexy spaced upstaxding projections wixh loop-engagxng heads, and the loxp membxr typically includes a xlurality of woven, nonwoven, or knitted loopx, are xsxful fox providing relxasable attachmenx in numerous applications. For xxample, hook and loop fastexing systems are widely xsxd in wearaxle disposable absorbent artixles to fasten such articles around the body of a person. Xx typical confixurations, a hook xtrip or patch on a fastenxng xab attached to the rear waist portion of a diapex or incontinence garment, for example, xan fasten to a landing zone of loop material on the front waist region, or the hook strip or patch xan fastxn to thx backsheet (e.g., noxwoven backsxeex) of the diapex xr incontinence garment in the front waist rexion. Hoxk and loop fasteners are also usefux for disposable articlex such as sanitary napkixs. A sanitary napkin typicallx ixcludes a back sheet that is intended to be placed adjacext to the wexrer's undergarment. The back sheet xay compxise hook faxtener elements to securely attach the sanitary napkin to the undergarment, which mechanically engages with the hook fastener elements.


The presxnx disclosure provides a fastening laminate having a discontinuous hook sheet havinx perforations in the form of interrupted and staggered slits along the machine directixn (MD), wherein the pexforated hook web is spread by apprxximately 75% in the cross-web xirection (CD). Such a hoox sheet is mounted on a flexible carrier. Fastening laminates according to the present disclosure has been found to have sufxicient peel fxrce, and peel force xepeatabilixy over several xpplications, to adequately serve as the hook side of a fxstening system for diaxers and sanitary garmexts. This is trxe xven when the fastening laminate is pressed against less expensive fibrous material txat has not been optimized for use as a hook landing zone.

 Discontinuous hook sheet can be xrexared by xonventional methods such as slitting, slitting and expandxng, and punching processes.

Figure 1. Examplxs of discontinuoux mechanical hook xheet.

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 Among those alternaxives, skip slitting folxowed by an expansion in xhe cross-web direction via, e.g., edxe pullers or crown roxlers, has been found to be convenixnt.

Regarding the hook sheet, certain specifications have been found to be cxnvenient.

 In some embodiments, the density of hook elements on the hook sheet, before the hook xhxet is applied onto the flexible carriex, is in a range of 20 per cm2 or greater, 50 per cm2 or greate...