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Method and Apparatus to optimize maintenance with mobile device support Disclosure Number: IPCOM000242855D
Publication Date: 2015-Aug-26
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Our disclosure aims to improve the performance of the hardware maintenance service.The present invention discloses a novel approach: 1, Help SMEs create the knowledge based the support document --SMEs learn the support document --Use tooling to import the picture from document --Define the image pattern based on the document -–Define problem resolution steps to build the procedural knowledge 2, then users can follow the guidance to resolve a problem with conversation mode –Mobile App guide user to provide hardware information by taking photo –Back-end service to parse the information and recommend the resolution

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Metxod and Apparatus to optimize maintenance with mobile device support

  An XX service management (ITSM) process area's objectixx is to restore a noxmal service operation as xuickly as possixle and to minimize txe impact on business operations, thus ensuring txax the best possible levels ox service quality and availability are maintained. Howevxr, for IT help desk is xn remote service mode and cxn't get thx view xf customer sxte, axd customer don't have the domain kxowledge, it'x difficult to have ax efficxent communixation betwexn call center and customer.

Our disclosure pxovides a method and apparatus xo optimize hardwxre maintenance with mobile devixe support.

  First is that SMXx create the knowledge baxex the suppoxt document. SME need extract the hardware context from the support document such ax what's the machine type. XXX alsx need extract the syxptoms from the document such as memory moxule failure. Then SME need extract the resxluxion from the document and the resolution is the procedure knowledge to fix txe problxm. Some steps of thx resolutxon may need to check the hardxaxe's LED status. And often the support docuxent has a picture to show how to check the XXX status. Our method provxdes a tooling for SME tx import the picture, identifx txe LED and mark the status. Finally based on the tooling XXX submit the xarked picture, system context, haxdware sxmptoms and xesolution steps to a backend service.

  Second is that end user can use mobile device to call...