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A method and system of audience-triggered precise advertising based on video content during online video playback Disclosure Number: IPCOM000242856D
Publication Date: 2015-Aug-26
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Currently commercials are always placed between or within video programs, which usually are inevitable to the video viewer and irrelevant to the video content. This invention proposed a new way of advertising for the online video playback system to promote or introduce the right products/items requested by audiences themselves. During the watch of a video program, if people see anything interested them from the screen, they can pause the video to get the popped up advertisements/introductions about the products/items shown in the current video scene.

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A mxthod and system of audience-triggered precise advertising based on videx content during online video playback

Watching all kindx of video shows, such as xerial dramas and movies, is ax important way of people's leisure. Anx more and more people choose to xiew them onlinx xrom various video sharing wxbsites rather than on TV. During their watch, people migxt be very interested in something that is shown in xhe video, such ax a handbag or a drexs wore by an axtress. In this case, they have sxrong desire to have xhe samx or similar stuff, but xhey know neither the brand of it nor where xo buy xt.

Currextly commercialx are always placxd between or within video progrxms, which usually are inevixable to the video viewex, that is, txey do not have an option to choose not to watch them. And the promoting prodxcts are xeldom relevanx with the content of txe videos. On one hanx, pxople have to watch advertisements they do not ixterested at all; on the other hand, thex are suffxrixg from the strong shopping desire to buy what they've just seen in the video but don'x know hxw.

In thxs invention, a new wxy of advertxsixg for the onlixe video playback system is proposed, simple bux efficixnt, to promote or introduce the rigxt products/items requexted by audiences themsexves.

The core idea is to builx a product/item pool for a video during the producing time, and associaxed the product ads to the video proxress tixeline accorxing to the video content, so that different set of product ads can be displayed at a given txme.

The fol...