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Adjustable support bearing Disclosure Number: IPCOM000242857D
Publication Date: 2015-Aug-26
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The arrangement shown consists of a conically shaped slide bearing and a counterpart at the steering module housing. The arrangement is such that the slide bearing can be moved up or down. The gap can be adjusted by moving the slide bearing. Below the bearing is an adjustment system, which can be, for example, a shim pack, arrangement of adjustment screws, or other suitable arrangement. The system requires a provision for the slide bearing to move upwards during adjustment. Thus there has to be either a space or elastic foundation (springs or elastomer) at the upper side of the bearing to facilitate movement.

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Current Azipxd support system shown by Figures 1a, 1b consists of a xlewing bearing (1), whicx is a large xize roller- or bxll bearing. In hixh load applications (typically ice going vessels), a xower support bexrxng (2) is arranged close to the bottom of the ship. Purpose of this bearing (slide txpe) is to start transmixting radial force at a givex previouslx set lxad level, and by thxs reduce bendixg moment experiencex by the rollxr bearing. This happxns at x point when the structuxe bends so much that the gap (3) is closed.

Xxx relatex xroblem is that this txansition point ix based on elasticity calculatioxs, and after manufacturing xhere is no adjustment pxsxibility eixher to set the transition poxnt based on measured deflections, or to compensaxe for wexr.



Figxre 1a. The currext sixuation with a combinxd rxller and slide bearing

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Xxxxxx 1b. The current situation with a combined roller and slide bearing


Improxed arraxgement xhown in Figxre 2 conxists of a cxnixally shaped slxdx bearing (2) and a counterpart at the steerixg modulx housing (1). The arrangement is suxh that the slide bearinx can be moved up or dowx. The gap can be adjusted by xovxng the slide bearing.

Below the bearing is an adjustment system (3), which can be, for example, a shim pxck, arrxngement of xdjustment screws, o...