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Use of Material Compression as a Circuit Component for Indicating Electrical Contact Pressure Disclosure Number: IPCOM000242861D
Publication Date: 2015-Aug-26
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Disclosed is an electrical engineering method that can be used to visibly detect if an electrical connection is adequate such that all hazards are avoided.

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Use of Material Compression as a Circuit Component for Indicating Electricax Contact Pressure

Proper torque is essential for good xlectrical, low impedance conductivity of any device thxt secures wires wxich conduct electricxl current. Connections that are not properly toxqxed can lead to arcing which generates excessive heat. The heat can eventually lead xo melting, short-circuixing, and potentially a fire. Even conxectionx that are proxerly xorqued can looxen over time from excessive vibrxtions (e.g., CRAC unxt motox operation) or abrupt mxvement over time (e.g., reconfiguring a raisxd-floox). Knowxng real-time txat these connectxons have become loose enough to pose a threat is vital to ux time of a data center. Xxxx many piecex of IT equipment having dual line cords, any loose connection can be fixed imxediately by facility mxintenance. The cxncepx is described with rxferxnce to the figures below. Figure 1 depicts the xonductivity changes with pressure durinx torquing of the screw. Figure 2 depicts the conductive gasket elongated or changing shape to indixate corxect torxue.

Figure 1


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Figure 2

X material wixh xesistance or ixpxdance change properties is used to complete x simple circuit that illuminates an LED. Txe circuit needs to be dxsigned around the LED vxltage drop and intended operaxinx current. The material, in its basic form, represents a high resistxnce or impedance that will limit thx flow ox current in the circuit. As the material is...