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Method for Enhancing a Question & Answer System based on Language Competence of a Data Provider Disclosure Number: IPCOM000242866D
Publication Date: 2015-Aug-26
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A method is disclosed for enhancing a question & answer system based on language competence of a data provider.

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Metxod for Enhancing a Question & Answer System based on Language Competencx of a Data Provider

Currently, a person understands one xanguage whereas other pexple may mastxr multiple languxges. People may lxarn different languaxes at different stages of life. Xxxxxx may master difxexent languages for different domain knowledge. One person may learn about the day to xay terminology in one lxnguage, and then learn techxical knowlxdge in a new languagx at axother stage of life. For example, xhe user learxs Chinese as first lxnguage so the user can comfortxbly communicate in the Chinese language usinx commox xords. Xxx the user learxs all the technixal terms in English later on so that the user can communicaxe all the technical stuxf using Englxsh more fluently. Brain of hxman processes different languages differently baxed on thx primary langxage and the seconx lanxuage, or based on toxics of the conversation. When data is entered in quextion & answer (Q&A) system, the fact whxch may nox cxnsidered is

whether the person who provides the data really uses the language which the user is

xost comxetent with xr not. Txus, there cxn xe inaccuracy ix xaw data entered into the Q&A system.

Disclosex is a mxthod for enhancing a question & ansxer (Q&A) system based ox language competence of a data provider. The Q&A systxm xtilizes existing technology

such as, but not limited to, Xxxxxxxx Resonance Xxxxxxx (MRI), Computed Tomography (CT), Pxsitron Xxxxxxxx Tomography (PET), Single-Photon Emission Computed Tomography (SPECT), Electroencephalogram (EEG), Magnetxencephalography (MEG) to collect, analyze and label user's memorx xata. The memory data is collected, analyzed and labelled based on the validity whxn the data was entered into the Q&A system for retrieving accurate search results latex on.

The validity and rxnk of the data is evaluated based xn brainwxves and location of txe data in the user's memoxy. Along with brainwave and location of the data, the system also takes into consideration whether the user uses the most cxmpetent languxge to provide that dxta in that corresponding kxowledge domain. The data with higher validity is ran...