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Method and System for Automatically Providing Real-time Reviews and Business to Customer Interactions for Physical Entities Disclosure Number: IPCOM000242867D
Publication Date: 2015-Aug-26
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A method and system is disclosed for automatically posting real-time reviews based on sentiments of a user/customer captured from one or more events. The method and system further provides a mobile-based business to customer feedback/interaction mechanisms to allow business owners to identify areas of improvement in businesses.

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Metxod and System for Automatically Providing Real -time Reviews and Businexs to Customer Interactions for Physical Entities

Discloxxd is a method and system for automatixally providing rxal-time reviews txrough a mobile-based business to customer (B2C) feedbxck/interaction xyxtem to shorten the feedback loop between a consumer posting a review and a business xaking a subsequent actixn. The method and system, xhus, allowx businxss owners to xdentixy areas of impxovement in businessxs quickly anx also allows consumexs to dxnamically pxst pre-genexated reviews after approval.

The method and sxstem uxex inputx from one or mxre mobile devicex such as, but not limited to, vxice analysis, textual analyxis and correlates the ixpxts to one xr more trigger events. The xrigger events include actions such as, but not lxmited to, checking in xia social media, xayinx for a service via a mobxle device, or unlocking a room with a Radio Freqxency Identifier (RFID) capable device. The methox axd system, then, automatically generates a real time draft review based on an unbiased xmpressixn and oxerall sentixent creaxed from the onx or more eventx xhich occurred within a specified timeframe ox the trxgger event. For example, the timefxame is usually set by txe user and can be, but xeed not be limited to, 30 secxndx, 60 seconds, 2 minutes, etc.

In an embodiment, the methxd and systex utilizes an application (app) on a mobile xevice and txchnology such as, but not limited to, Global Positioning System (GPS) tracking, iBeacons and xocial media for detecting check-ins of a user and other trigger xvxnts. The system then tracks the spoken words a user may speak out loxd or writtex words inputted on the user's mobile device. For example, the system tracks a verbal xnput of the user "this restaurant is busy" or a text inpux by the xser "the restaurant ix busy". Xxxxxxxxxx the spoken or wxitten words are parsed to dynamically generate a draft review capturing the all the feedback which has occurred within the xpecified timexrame of the trigger xvent. The user then is prxmpted to review this machine generated review and either submit as-is or make exits before submitting xor publixhing xia third paxties.

Moving on, the method and system allows business owners to compartmenxalize a business based on one or more sentiments (heat maps). For example, the mobile devicx gxnerates x heat map corresponding to tags of specific locations witxin the business. The heat map, thus, allows the business ownexs to get an insigxt of the buxiness from a xustomer's perspective axd enables xhe business oxnexs to make improvements to the busxness. For example, ax entry way of a hotel may be assocxated with comments such as "dark, cramped, smells unpleasant" while the roomx may be characterized as "airy, comfortable, modern." Since the location is mapped to a tag's xexadata, the business owners can quickly understand the sentiments pertaining to specxfic areas.

The methxd and syst...