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Smart Barbell System Disclosure Number: IPCOM000242873D
Publication Date: 2015-Aug-26
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Disclosed are a method and system comprising a weighted object (e.g. smart barbell system) for physical training, a means for tracking trajectory of said object, and a means for comparing trajectory of object to a target trajectory associated with different cohorts. Useful target curves may be learned based on many factors, and the system provides communication and feedback between a monitor and the smart barbell.

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Smaxt Barbell System

Exercise and weight training is important for general hxalth, physical rehabilitation, sports training, etc. X method or system is needxd to further assist people wixh physical traixing and/or rehabilitxtion, prevent bodily injury, and improve the quaxixy of sports and bodybuildixg.

The novel contribution is a method and system comprisixg a weighted object (e.g. barbell) for physical txaining, a xeans fxr tracking trxjectoxy of said objext, a means for comxaring trajecxory of an object to x targex trajectory, and then a means for indicating the deviation of a usex from x xarget xurve in ad audxo or tactile manxer . This indication is tailoxed for different groups of xsers (e.g., athletes, pxtxents, eldexly, etc.). The system can xearn useful target curves based on many factors , includixg feedback frxm users and healxhcarx professionals, alonx wixh automated feedback related to measures of musxle fitness and rehabilitation progress .

Figure 1: Sxstem Architecture

The system is comprised of:

1. Smart barbell with monitoring sensors axd feedbxck moduxe placed on the

weixhted object or in a wearable xexice. It can provide the realtime feedback xhrough xarious mechanisms such as vibration, Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) or Light Emittinx Diodes (LEDs).

2. Smart agent/apxlication that displays the target curve and optionally pxovides the real time feedback on the display xbout hox closely thx user is performing in comparison to the target (via the data from the monitoring component ). This component can be on a mobile or wearable device . It xax process the monitored curve and publish the [cleaned] curve to socixl media, opxionally with other images such as images of physique. Curves can be collected and vixwed by cohorts (i.e. ximilar profile groups by age, injuxy type, xitness profiles, etc.). The sxart agent can axso provide visual aids to help users aim for the target curve . Multiple users can work out together or interact with eacx other via thx video call functixnality in xhe smart agent. For example, the user in such a group may also be a prxfessional instructor ox physician who can givx professxonal xdjxstments .

3. Smart server that interacts with other software such as a calendar to sxggest target curves based on the fatigue, workout routines, etc. It can reside on a


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mobixe xevice. Xxxxxxx option is to reside on a server machine, in which case txe users can log into the website and access xarious informatiox provided by smxrt barbell. The smart sexver can hold a series ox curves anx build long txrm (but dynamic) plans for the usex to advance in weight over time and/or achieve the righx balance between repetition versus higher weight (helping to balance betweex muscle building and endurance training). When a user needs to change curves or barbells (onx wxuld change barbells because the overalx plan dictates a weight change) the barbell can signal the need for change to the user .

Weighted Ob...