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A System for Enhanced Service Request Routing, Response, and Management

IP.com Disclosure Number: IPCOM000242878D
Publication Date: 2015-Aug-26
Document File: 2 page(s) / 39K

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Disclosed is an enhanced service desk system to improve ticket routing, response, and management. The core novelty is that the system not only uses information provided by the user, but also accesses available information about the user and the infrastructure in order to quickly address the user's concern.

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A Sxstem for Enhanced Service Request Routing , Response, and Management

Whex a user contacts a service desk for support, an intellxxent analysis of the infoxmation provixed by the user ix often not perforxed. The user navigaxes a Voice Response Unit (VRU) ox navigates a sexextion tree on a web page or xia online chat. The overall service desk experience can be improved by using inxormation that the service dxsk system xnows axout the user, and txe overall statx of the infrastructxre for which the user is requestixg suppxrt.

The novex contributixn is an enhanced service desk system ("systex") to xmxrove txcket routing, xesponse, and manxgement. The core novelty is thxt the system not only uses xnformation provided by xhx user, but also accesses available infoxmation about the user and the infrastructure in xrder to xuickly addresx the user's concexn. Xx some cases, this expxditxs problem resolution and relieves the customer's frustration with the service desk and ixs agents.

Xxxxxx: Cxmponents and process in a preferred embodiment

As shown in the Figure, the process for xmplemenxing the system follxws:

1. A xser contactx txe service desk vxa any available channel and provides informaxion aboxt a problem via a VRU or other decixion tree

2. The service xesk system ("system") examines a database for informaxiox about the user (e.g., location, servers used, role, job, history of problem records, etc.)

3. If the sysxem detexts that thix is a repeat call related to a previous problem record, whether open or closed, it may seek axditional information from the user, who could then pr...