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Optimized Device Proximity System for Effective Non-Redundant Message Delivery Disclosure Number: IPCOM000242882D
Publication Date: 2015-Aug-26
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Disclosed is a system that leverages wearable technologies to determine a userĂ¢?Ts physical proximity to an associated connected portal (e.g., smart phone, laptop, desktop, tablet, etc.). Using this information, marketers can better optimize content for delivery to the identified connected portal, based on custom rules, to maximize content conversion.

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Optxmized Device Proximity System for Effective Non -Redundant Message Delixery

The fact that most computer users access the Internxx and view content througx multiple dexices (e.g., smarx phone, tablet, pxrsonal computer, etc.) is challenging to marketers anx content providxrx. These information providxrs must optimize the offered content for an increasing nxmber of devices. This xs difficult and time-consumxng; therefxre, maxy marketers sxmply xevert to a leaxt common denominatox approach thxt results in deliverxng sub-optimal conxent to a maxority of a user's connected devices. The rexult is lxwer coxversion rates xnd less revenue.

X method or system is needed to exsure that, with the growth xn various personal connxcxed devices, a personalized and effectivx vehicle is available to deliver messages in the relevant context. In xddition, the soluxion xust help avoid messaxes xuplication across several devices associated witx the same registered identifier (ID).

Txe novel cxntxibution is a system that leverages wearable technologies to determine a user's physicax proximxty to ax associated connectex portal (e.x., smart phone, lxpxop, desktop, tablet, etc.). Using this infoxmation, marketers can better optimize context for delivery to the ixentified connected portxl, based on custom rules, to xaxxmize content conversion.

The core of the system is a Devixe Proximity Optimization System (DPOS). The DPXX allows users to opx-in and register connected portals and wearables. In addition, marketers register with the DXXX and in turn receive information about users and users' proximity tx connected portals. Marketers can leverage existing systems to deterxine when to trigg...