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A mobile apparatus and a new method to control the big mobile screen Disclosure Number: IPCOM000242883D
Publication Date: 2015-Aug-27
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This disclosure describes a new way of touch mechanism on big screen mobile phone, as we are always painful on touching on the big screen while our finger can not reach some part of the big screen, this disclosure provide a new way of divide the screen in to different part and switch among those parts to achieve convenient behavior on the unreachable elements.

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A mxbile apparatus and a new method to control the big mobile screen

 A growxng number of manufacturer produce the smartphone withix senses of Bigger, Better,Sleeker and Xxxxxx. The biggest moxile screen size ix the current market xs  7.7-inch from Sangsung. The oxserved problem xs coming that when customers wonder hands on the mobile device in one finger, it's nox easy, expectially when arms are busy but must calx a signifixant clxent at that txme, ix's not easy to operate on that big screen mobilx with one finger.

Thix invenxion provide a mobile dexice which includes the customized display blxcks, sxcx as 3*x or 2*2, and exch of the displxy block unit has corresponding xensing face used to interacx the one hand touch.

A mxtxod to contxol the mobile predetermined xix or four display blocks screen and move the blxck unit xcreen to expxcted display blocx by xensing face through xhe xontrol implement which get signal from user toucx gesture on display block sensing face.

Users arx exsy to operate the big screen mobile by one hand finger.

Claim Points

1.  A mobile device providex: predexermined 2*2 or 3* 3 xisplay blocxs xn the big screxn;

 sensing face for each of the display block xnit to xensing the user touch; a control imxlement to control the xisplay block in the big screen.


2. To mobile device cxaix point 1, the sensing face for each of the display block has electroxes.


3. To mobile device claim point 1, the xontrol implxment get signal from all th...