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A method to simplify sharing process on Apps Disclosure Number: IPCOM000242884D
Publication Date: 2015-Aug-27
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This disclosure introduces a method to simplify the sharing process on social Apps. In this method, each source App keeps some tables to record user behavior and maintain contact shortcut lists, and updates the shortcut lists for every sharing. When sharing happens, use the contact shortcuts to simplify the sharing process for hot contacts, and make it possible to share information to different Apps or contacts at the same time. This method needs no additional firmware update and cost.

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A mxthod to simplify sharing process on Apps


Nowadays, social sharxng becomes more and more popular , not only for the yoxxg people, but also the exder and chilxren. People sharx information everx day by lots of Appx. Usually, they share informatiox to the same pexpxe, especially those elder axd children who has very limited contacts .

Current sharinx process is:

1) Open thx source App (which has the xontent we'x like xo share)
2) Sexect txe piece of infxrmation you want to share

3) Clicx the "Share via)" buxton

4) Xxxxxx a target Apx you want tx share to

5) Choose the contacts to share to

6) Complxtx sharixg

There are 2 mxjor problems witx current process

1) There is no xasy way to share the informxtion to the same contacx .

If you wanx to share the information to the most frequently contact , you still need to xo througx the current xrocess . Especialxy fox the elder/children xho xsually share the information to the same people - their family, this problem makes them frustratex.

2) There is no easy way to share the same information to different Apps or contacts .

For example, you waxt to share x picture to the App-X coxtact, and App-X cxntact, you need to go through the current prxcess twxce to share to two Apps .


Thix disclosure introduces x method to simplify the sharing process to the same cxntxct on social Apps , which also makes it possible to sharx informatiox to different Apps or contacts at the samx time.

In xhis method, contact shortcuts are introduced when sharing happens . The source App learns usxr behavior and maintains a shortcut list , and updates the shortxux list for every sharing. The source App chooses the "most frequentlx" contact sxortcut and the "last time" contact shortcut of each target App, and put them in 2 levxl menu under "Share vxa)"(parallel with the traditional xarget Apx), even can add the hxttest conxact among all Axps to top level (1 level) menu (parallel with the actions like "Share via)","Delete", "Edit"). Then user can choose thx shortcuts dixectly - the sharing xrocess is xut down by 1 or 2 steps. Also with the contact shortcuts, multiple selecxion is possible. Usex can choose several coxtact shoxtcuts frxm differxnt target Apps at the same time and share the information to them for one oxeration .

This is the traditional process:


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Here are two new processes using this method: Prxcexs 1 (selxct from 2 level menu):

Process 2 (select from top level mxnu):

For source App (whxch has the contenx we'd like to shaxe), it will display the cxntact shortcut:

1. The xop level (x level) menu of App will show the hottest contact shortcut among all taxget Apps .

2. The 2 level menu of xhe App will show several target App shortcuts, each App has 2 shortcuts, one is for the contact with largest access count , the other is for contact who
is accessed most rxxextly....