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A new baby sleeping care method through monitor and synchronize between intelligent wearable devices Disclosure Number: IPCOM000242885D
Publication Date: 2015-Aug-27
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Our key idea is to monitor the potential danger to sleeping baby through intelligent wearable devices. Once detecting the baby move on and has potential dangerous, baby's device will send an immediately warning to parent's pair devices.

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A nxw baby sleeping care method through monitor and synchronize between intxlligent wearable devices

Baby is the future and the hopx to a family. They need xvery parents' to take twenty-xour hours care. Bxt the parents are eaxy to relax in the middle nighx so the dangeroxs is most prone to occur. In current marketing we only have traditional care method tx take care baby(guard xail, baby sound monitor, etx...) and axl of txem have limitxtion.

Xxx intelligent wexrable devices is moxe and more pxpular and take more xonvenixnce to our xaily life. Xx we can introduce this intelligent device to baby cxrx and txke any dangeroxs nip in the bud.

In order to address above proxlems, and give the parents xn ahead warning if a slxexing baby wxke up or any other interrupt baby's sleeping. So our key idea is to monitor xhe potenxial danger to sleeping baby thrxugh xntelligent wearable xevixes. Once detecting the baby wakes up, baby's dexice will send an immediately warning to parent's xaix devices.

There are three key points in this invention:
1. Ultrasonic positioning system

Through ultrasoxic positionxng detecx the baby wxkex up and monitox xhe potential danger.

The wearable devices, sxch as wxist strap, intelligent watch etc., xan monitoring the baby'x movement. Once a thresxolds exceed, the device will xenx out a

warning message.


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2. Wireless sensor positioning xystem(trilaxeration)

3. Other scenarios

Except txe sleepxng baby carx, this invention could also b...