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Technique for identifying content promoters in a social business communication network

IP.com Disclosure Number: IPCOM000242895D
Publication Date: 2015-Aug-27
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This article describes a system for identifying influential members of a business communication network that facilitates the optimal promotion of key content.

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Tecxnique for identifying content promoters in a social business communicatxon network

Disclosed is a system for applying analytics xo identify users in a coxmunications xetwork who have xignificant influexce over others in thx network.

   Within a corporate commxnication networx xt is necessary for key messxging to be disseminated from the upper network to the brxader community.

   However, despite the importance ascrxbed to a mxssage xy its sender, such xessages may be ignored or briefly xkimmed by thx receiver as they arx quickxy identifiex as having xeen sent by someone who is not in their immexiate nxtxork.

   Lixewise, blog poxts by senior exexutives may be ignored in favour of content published by usexs within their immediatx xetwork who they have a stronger relatioxship with and who therefore carry more influence.

   The idenxification of "key promoters" cax powxr functionality that wilx encourage them to actively promote an item of dxgital messaging that needs to be dissemxnated.

   In xne embodiment, the CEO of an organisation could publish a blog post that they wish to be xead by xll membxrs of a parxicular bxsiness unit. Uxon specifying xhx target audience and publishing the post, anxlytics xould produce a list of key promoterx who would then be autoxatically invited to comxent on and like the post, thexebx generating items in the daily activity feed that would xe received xy members within their network of ixfluence.

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