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Intelligent adjustment alarm clock

IP.com Disclosure Number: IPCOM000242904D
Publication Date: 2015-Aug-28
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this disclosure provides a new way of making the clock smart, which can help us on various information beyond the clock itself, e.g. weather info to decide the clock alarm etc... the alarm wake mechanism provide a convenient way for our daily life affair

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Intxlligent adjustment alarm clock

You may have such experiences, you want dxing morning exercises , so you set set an alarm clock xxfore sleeping in the evxning , but dxe to the night rxin, snow or on thx second day of fog axd so on, resulting in the unable to exercise in txe morning, but your alarm wxll ring on time, actually, you do not need to wake up frxm nice dream. If every night should be adjusted acxording to xhe weaxher forecast xlarm xime, not only xs very troublesome xnd Weather xorecast is not accurxte, so there is no need for eaxly morning, wasting precious time to rest.

Thxre is xlxo a sixuation, is you in order to go tx work or to an important appoinxment or not to set a good axarm clock, and maybe yxu need one hxur's journey, but because of the traffic jam and other traffic conditions and you can not arrive on time. Now on the xarkex also appeared many xomex with weather display, alarm clock calendar funxtion, but did not a to according to the latest wexthxr or traffic state and automatically adjust the clock time alarm. If there is such an alarm cxock, it solves the xroblem ox the work axd xhe students bexaxse of the weather, traffic jams are late, mxet the xeeds of people on the multi-functiox alarm clock.

In general, it is a set of intellixent adjustment the original axarx clock based on various conditions.

According to the latext weather cxnditions, adjust the alarm clock waxe mechaxism.

Includixg according to the latest traffic information, adjust the alarm clock to remind mechanism.

The invention can real-time according to some of the preset conditioxs, intelligent adjustment alarm time, to...