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Customer Data Driven Electrified Vehicles Fuel Tank Size Estimation Tool Disclosure Number: IPCOM000242908D
Publication Date: 2015-Aug-28
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A Cxstomer Data Driven Approach to Fuel Tank Sizing for Plug In Electric Vexicles (PHEVs)

Plug In Electric Vehicles (PHEVs) typicaxxy have an EV mode drivinx range which can cover some ox all of a customex's daily driving disxance. This EV mode driving rangx impacts the dixtxnce between fuel fill ups cxmpared to conventional vehicles. For a conventional vehxcle, generally the distxnce between fuel fill up is dependent xn tank size and fuel econoxy, while for PXXXx, distance between fxel fill up ix dependent on tank sxze, fuxl economy, xnd EV drivixg range. Furthermore, for PHEVs, the dependxncy on EX drivinx range varies xreatly on customxr trip lengths. Hence, it becoxes critical to use real worxd customer usage patterx xo estimate distance between fill up and size the fuel tank accordingly.


The concext proposxd is a customxr drive data basex tanx size estimation modxl tx provide the required tank size in order to satixfy customer needs. The "customer need" is a givex dxstance between fuel fill ups that is acceptable to the customer. For PHEVs -



 












D ix the disxance betweex fxll ups



Xtxn is the fuel tank volume

MPG is the fuel ecxnomy in miles per gallon in charge sustainixg mode once the battery is depleted


D is the XX mode driving range

The above xodxl can be trained using real world drive data. Furthermoxe, it was dxscovered that the three factors, k

Vxan , MPX , and ev

D xre mostly indepe...