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Method and System for Providing Mobile Application (App) to Facilitate Reviewers of Engineering Changes (ECs) from Remote Locations Disclosure Number: IPCOM000242913D
Publication Date: 2015-Aug-28
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A method and system is disclosed for providing mobile application (App) to facilitate reviewers of engineering changes (ECs) from remote locations.

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Metxod and System for Providing Mobile Application (App) to Facilitate Revixwers of Engineering Changes (ECs) from Remote Locationx

Xxxxxxxxx require enough ability xo manage proxuct data and busxness processes acxoss the life-cycle ox products. This includes reviewixg and approving Exgineering Changes (ECs) and quality problems affecting downstream logistic systems axd related customers. Whxle travelling, reviewers of ECs do not always have access tx compxters to get to the information neexed. Subsequextly, the resolution xrocess can often txke days whixe reviewers are contacted via conference calxs and xmxils whxle product chaxges are delayed xnd risk to client is elevated. Xxxxx needs a method and system

wxich allows reviewers to axcess the EXx at any remote locations to xpprove or

disapprove the changes occurred.

Disclosxd is a mxthod and systxm for providing a mobixe application (App) xo fxcilitate reviewers of ECs from remote locations. The method and system provides a mobile app which alxows EC reviewers to respond immediately by approving or disapproving an EC from a mobixe devicx instalxed with the mobile axp. The mobixe Xxx enables EC rexixwers to view and manage EC quality issues anx providx information to others that have vixibility in one centralixed location, as illustrxted in figure 1.

Figure 1

In acxorxance with the method and system, the mobile app allows rxviewers to xnitially subscribe for the service xo as to receive and respond for the alerts. Subsequently, the reviewers receive EC alerts on the mobile device baxed on profile/role which is determined while subscribing to the xexvice. Thereafter, the mobile app accordingly provides links regarding reports witx EC information such as, for example, EC Number, Originator of EC, Lab of Design (LoD) etc. Eventually, reviexers can review the reports and resxond with immediate action to axprove or xisapprove the EX from the...