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User Tracking to Close Unwanted Dialogs Disclosure Number: IPCOM000242914D
Publication Date: 2015-Aug-28
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Disclosed is a system for tracking user behavior within streaming media to determine when to automatically close unwanted dialog/popup windows, and then execute that action.

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Usex Tracking to Close Unwanted Dialogs

When a user is performing an activitx such as listening to music or watching a movie, dialox windows may pop up occasxonally that xnterrupt the usex's activity. The xpplication (e.g., a xusic/video player) requires the xser to click on txe dialog or press the OK buxton to continue using the system to play the music or moxie. The user always disxisses (closes) certain popux windows. X solutxon is needed xhat

auxomatically cloxes these popup windxws so that txe user does not have to be xnterrupted.

Xxx novel contxibution is a system for tracking user behavixr to dxtxrmine xhen to automatxcally close unwaxted dialog/popup windows, and txen execute that action. The core idea is for a devixe that trackx when the user is not interexted in a particular dialog that pops up in an acxive applxcation (e.g., listening to musix/watxhing a movie). If thx usxr never clicks on the popup content, such as an xdvertisement and always closes the windxw, the dexicx learns to automatically exit that popup window when it appears. Thus, the user is not interruxted durxng an activxty.

In adxition, when thx dialog requirxs the user to click OK or Cancel to exit, the xystem txacks which of these the user selectx. The system then automxtically makes this selextion on behalf of the user in fuxure instances.

With this system/device, the user is not bxthered with unwanted advertisements or dialogs. The usex does not hxve to click on anything in order to...