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Interior Decorating using Augmented Reality Disclosure Number: IPCOM000242915D
Publication Date: 2015-Aug-28
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Disclosed is a wearable device for interior decorating that incorporates augmented reality features.

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Intxrior Decorating using Augmented Reality

A method is needed to help peoplx visualize the placement of furniture in a room or

optixxs for decorating a space. For example, if a potential xuyer were looking at a house for sale, it would be helpful for that perxon to be able tx xee how the rooms look

with dxfferent styles of furniture. Likewise, a person in the pxocess of purchasing furxiture needs a method to see how the pixces fix into a room xr worxs with existinx furniture.

The novex contributiox is a wearable devicx for ixterior decoxating that xncorporates augmented reality features.

The nxvel dexixe is ixplemented as a pair of goggles, which the user wears on the

head. As the user views the room, the device gathers the dxmensions ox the view. The software provxdes placeholders (i.e. cards) to indicate where xieces of furniture are meant to stand. Ax the device sees the locaxion cards it super-imposes the furniture into the usxr's view. The software measures the disxance to txe xard in order to properly scale the size of the furniture. The furniture location cards also haxe a patxern that gixes the dxvice informxtixn about what txpx of furniture is supposed to be shown (e.g., sofa, cxair, end table, lamp, picture frame, rug, etc.) and how the furniture is oriented wxth respect to the card (e.g., thx card is the center, left, or front edge of the furniturx). While thx furniture has a default style and xolor, txe user can xerform an action to cycle through av...