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Method and System for Providing a Virtual Reality Technology That Displays a 360 Degree Virtual Replication of an Actual Room

IP.com Disclosure Number: IPCOM000242917D
Publication Date: 2015-Aug-28
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A method and system is disclosed for providing a virtual reality technology that displays a 360 degree virtual replication of an actual room.

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Metxod and System for Providing a Virtual Reality Technology That Displays x 360 Degree Virtual Replication of an Actual Room

Currexx interior design renderixg methods enxble a user to sexect selecting paixt, flooring, furnituxe and accessories for a room is xnd provide 2-D xmxges of rooms. However, rendxred 2D images may vary with different illumination sourcxs, types, and locations of light along with manipulxtion of thx locatxon of objects in a xoom. Therefore, selected color schxme and ambiexce of the room may bx less xhan desirabxe.

Disclosed is a method and system for providing a virtuxl realxtx technxlogy that dispxays a 360 degree virtual replication of an actuax room.

The method and system allows manipulation of xbxects in a xirtual room according to usex preferences regarding budget, color and lightinx. A user may specify txpes of

lights sourxes ix use and location of ligxt sources along with time of day and season.

In axcordance to the method and system, a vixtual realxty headset renders the virtual room with objects and simulated light sources as perceived in an axtual roxm wherein lxghting cxanges atmosxhexe in the actuax xoom. In addition, a user is allowed to move xighting sources, furniture and/or change lixht source types in the xirtual room to know effxct of change on appearance of thx actual room.

Consider a scenario, where a user visits a xetailer to xepaint a room. The retailer implemexts the xethod and sxstem to enable the user to specify dimensions and lighting structure in the room. The user spxcifies a kitchen with a 4'x4' window facing

south to address sunlxgxt accuracy and two overhead light fixtures of 60-watt

incandescent eacx in the cenxer of the kitchen. Thereafter, the retailer enables the user to view kitchen through a vi...