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Method to embed dynamic advertisement to progress bar Disclosure Number: IPCOM000242927D
Publication Date: 2015-Aug-31
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The progress bar for multi media device, such as television or computer currently is some kind of dull and waste of business resource (progress bar everywhere). So we can do something to make better use of progress bar such as 'embed advertisement'. Our idea is to select and generate advertisement list dynamically based on rule and progress status of the progress bar. And then embed the advertisement to progress bar. When the progress of the progress bar change(eg, progress hung due to some reason), the advertisement list will dynamically change according to current progress.

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Method to embed dynamic advertisement to progress bar

There are many occasions that we use progress bar, for example when we install software, download files, play video etc. The current progress bar is not fully used. Actually the progress bar can be a multimedia device to play dynamic advertisement. On one hand side, this can promote product via progress bar. On the other hand, this makes the progress bar more vivid.

This disclosure describes a way to embed a list of advertisement into progress bar.

Here is a solution architecture example and the main part is the process layer. It will analyse the input of the progress bar to get the progress information. For example, the total length of the video is 5 minutes and currently progress at 30%. Based on this the processor will chose proper advertisement from data layer and embed to the progress bar.


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Make use of existing progress bar, no extra cost or component

Gain more business value
Easy and Flexible

The implementation of the disclosure is as below:
1. Get progress bar information(For example, the total length of the video is 5 mins and currently progress at 30%.)

2. Based on progress bar status and advertisement rule(for example the priority of the advertisement), choose proper advertisement from advertisement library.

3. When progress bar status change(eg, progress hung due to some reason), check advertisement list and make adjustment according to new progr...