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Method for Searching Victim During Earthquake Rescuing Disclosure Number: IPCOM000242971D
Publication Date: 2015-Sep-04
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This is paper discusses the RFID charging based method for searching victim during earthquake rescuing. The method gives a new, less cost and more efficient way to search victim accordinf to communicaiton between attached RFID tags and RFID reader.

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Method for Searching Victim During Earthquake Rescuing

    In nowadays, earthquake is a major disaster around world. Every year, there are more than thousand earthquake deaths in the world. It is very important that to find victim in the first 72 hours because is "72 hour" is called as golden rescuing time for rescuing life buried under earthquake rubbles. How to efficiently and preciously detect body buried under earthquake rubbles can help rescue crews to make better rescuing plan. It is hard to detect locations of victims buried under rubbles. A lot of life are dead, lost or seriously injured because they are buried in unknown place during earthquake. Add, the rescue crews need search victims buried in ruins with searching equipment but the most rescuing search efforts are futile due to lacking of accurate victim localization methods.

    Using RFID technology are not new topic. RFID technology has been used in everywhere due to lower cost, simpler, more accurate, and efficient. However, there are no similar methods for earthquake rescuing. Here are some background prior arts to indicate that RFID technology and method can be implemented, but there are no efficient way to detect life buried under rubbles:

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For charging safety assurance

Focusing on the charging mechanism

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IEEE RFID 2013 A battery-free RFID-based indoor acoustic localization platform Using acoustic information to localize tags

    Therefore, a new method and apparatus shall be invented to locate and search the life buried in earthquakes more efficiently and less costly to save people life and improve search productivity

In this method, a technology of time-of-charging-based method with attached RFID tags and RFID readers is defined to help search


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victims buried in earthquake ruins. Assuming all earthquake victims have active and rechargeable RFID attached to their bodies. And...