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A method and system to automatically collect user's emotion and tag content Disclosure Number: IPCOM000242982D
Publication Date: 2015-Sep-04
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This article presents a method of tagging content with emotion detected from readers. Core idea of the article: -- Capture user's real reaction(including facial expression, pulse, gesture and speech) as feedback to tag whole artifact as well as pieces of artifact. -- The artifact including web page, news, electronic book, email, piece of information, video, social applications etc.

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A method and system to automatically collect user

A method and system to automatically collect user'

''s emotion and tag content

s emotion and tag content

It is a times of information explosion, more and more people get information from network, and it's important to collect people's feedback when they read information from the internet. Currently, people need to manually input feedback after read a webpage, like or unlike etc. And it depends on whether they want to do, so it's hard to get feedback as much as possible. The invention describes an automatic way to do that. The system can collect information when reading by the ways like user's facial expression recognition or feel user's pulse. It can collect and record user's feedback automatically when user reads webpages, then it can sort/select/tag them, other users can refer these previous recommended information to find webpages what they want to read by selecting certain tag or expression.

To better collect the user's emotion on a webpage and mark the webpage, then generate the statistic feedback and categorize the webpage by user emotion, most common method is to develop a check list for user to input the feedback. The invention here is more facilitate, and will capture the user emotions automatically through the facial identification or pulse. When the user is focusing on current page, we will use facial identify device or pulse identify device to get the facial expression or pulse data, and then use the techniques of facial/pulse recognition system to get the emotion information, then generate the user's emotion data for current page in system and send to remote server. So we could get the user's emotion on current page, then mark. When the user navigating on the internet, he/she could check the emotion's report on current page, or find the content by the emotion's consolidation information marked. As a result, the user could find the preferred content he/she want easily, and could also refer to the emotion's report on each content.

In this invention, when a user browsing on a webpage, he/she should stay on the webpage and focusing on it, just then, the system will collect the facial expression or the pulse data of the user through the facial identify device or pulse identify device installed, when the user's emotion data generated, will analysis and generate feedback information on the webpage(eg. laugh, grin, smile, normal, frown, sad, cry, scared, surprised, puzzle, angry) and save to remote system. Then generate consolidate report on the data on how the users feel like current page. The user could also find the categorized table of content by the emotion result.

The innovation can be applied to internet web page, news, electronic book, social application article.

Scenario 1 Automatically praise, stamp or more actions to artifact when user read it.

Scenario 2 Category artifact with people's react.

Scenario 3 Help user sort artifacts per statistics of react.

Scenario 4...