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A device and method for children emergency alarming Disclosure Number: IPCOM000242990D
Publication Date: 2015-Sep-06
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This invention provides a method for users to protect children on emergencies by the device installed on the smart watch. A method has been used to detect when the smart watch tends to be removed from the kid's body, and alarming when it occured. The method to be used is that types of biology information will be installed on the smart watch as the only key to remove the smart watch from the twist. When someone tends to remove the smart watch, he/she need to provide the pre-installed biology information, like: fingerprint, voice and more. It could improve the protection for smart watch to help protect the kids when emergency, not only locating the position periodically, also could alarm right after the smart watch tends to be removed, and help the parents quickly find the location of the kids.

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A device and method for children emergency alarming Background:

In current world, abduction of children becomes a serious problem, and has a bad affect to the society and each family. How to protect children has become an emergent task for the whole society. Now we have Smart watch to detect the position, and alarm when some emergencies, but it's still not enough because the Smart Watch could be picked off without notification and alarm to their parents when the child is abducted. We need a device or method to send notification and alarm to their parents when the Smart Watch is picked off.

To locate children more quickly and easily in the dangerous conditions, the invention provide an intelligent approach to alarming. It could detect the location of the device periodically, and send the information to monitor device, and check the status in common conditions. If unauthorized persons want to take off the device, the detector could detect the pre-installed biology information which is the only key to remove the device from the children's wrist, if the biology information is not match to the pre-installed one, it sends the alarm immediately to remote monitor device, then it could response the alarm information to next action.

The method and the device used to alarm when emergency, and the device been installed on a Smart Watch, it could send the status data of the Smart Watch periodically, and send the data onto Remote System, the data could include the position information(GPS information), and environment information(like sound etc). The parents could check the status from app on Smart Phone or other types of monitor, if someone want to pick off the Smart Watch from the wrist, the detector could detect the biology information and compare to the pre-installed biology information, if not match, will give the alarm notification to the Remote monitor. The monitor could get the alarm and react to it.

Existed Solutions

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Safety wrist

Safety wrist-

--watch with a warning system

watch with a warning system

This patent's idea is to add several safety contacts in the watch. Those safety contacts will trigger warning signal if someone try to open or cut the wrist-band of the watch or adjust time, remove the alarm system.



>>Smart watch

Smart watch

This patent described how to implement a smart watch. It mentioned different components of a smart watch like telephone function module, Bluetooth, temperature sensor and an acceleration sensor etc.

One point in the patent related to our disclosure is that there is a temperature sensor in the watch. If the watch was removed from child's body, temperature sensor will detect temperature change and trigger warning. Use temperature sensor to detect removal of watch is not reliable.



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- First temperature change need s...