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Energy consumption optimized route planning

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Publication Date: 2015-Sep-08
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The proposed solution can be applied to optimize usage of energy in road transport. This optimization is important because high usage of energy implies high costs and low range.

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Energy consumption optimized route planning

The energy usage in order to move car from place A to place B is composed from two factors :
- Friction forces (aerodynamic, friction of bearings, friction of tires, etc.),
- Potential energy (in case when place A is below place B).

- Thermal energy when break are used.

The proposed solution is focused on optimization of losing energy for breaking .

The idea is to automatically choose the route which causes less energy to be lost on breaking . If vehicle is moving downhill its gravitation potential energy is replaced into heat energy (friction) and kinetic energy (speed). In practice speed is limited (vehicles constructions, safety, local regulations). Not all the potential energy can be replaced into kinetic one . As a result the potential energy is replaced into heat energy of breaks . In more optimistic scenario it is an generator which is used to reduce speed, but even in this case the conversion of potential energy into chemical/electric energy is related to loses of some energy (converted to heat energy again).


We have two routes from city A to city B. Both has the same distance of 4km.

In this case the route B is less optimal because starting from third km the breaks have to be used to reduce speed. In case of rout B starting from 1.2km the car is driving downhill without usage of petrol and breaks.


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The main idea we want to protect with subject disclosure is :
- Route planning (as delivered by any kind of car navigation vendors like Google Maps etc.) which takes into consideration route profile and reduces the amount of energy which is lost during breaking.

In case of vehicles the petrol/electricity/gas is used to move the vehicle against friction forces and gravity.

To make farther description simpler,...