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Enhanced file selection with keyword intelligence

IP.com Disclosure Number: IPCOM000243008D
Publication Date: 2015-Sep-08
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A system for simplifying the process of attaching files to an email, based on keywords present in the text and recently accessed files.

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Enhanced file selection with keyword intelligence

In an email programme (whether client or web browser based) users often want to attach one or more files to an email. Currently, this is quite a laborious task, as the user typically has to click on an attachment icon, then use a file directory window to drill down to locate the file or files required, before selecting these and finally attaching them to the email. This process takes more time and effort than it should, since the file is not always easy to find.

    In this disclosure we relate the idea to its use in an email client, but the idea is general to file pickers for any use, not specifically email.

    Within the email programme, when a user clicks on the attachment icon, instead of simply opening the default file browser window at the default root location, add intelligence as follows:

The text of the email is parsed and keywords used in the email (e.g. in the subject line) are used by the email programme to produce a list of files that match those keywords.

For example, if the email subject line of the email was "Conference details", and there was a file on the computer with a similar name (e.g. Conference_details_v3.odt) then the "Add an attachment" dialog window

would suggest this file, thus saving the user from having to drill down through their computer's file system in order to located it manually,
As well as the keyword match approach, a list of files that have been recently created or edited would be displayed, as in many cases the user wants to attach a file that they have recently created or edited. The presentation of this list of files could include sorting those that match the identified keywords by their modification date.

    Normally when the user clicks the attach button a file browser window is brought up for the user to select a file. In this idea when the user clicks the attach button the client: Will scan the text and subject of the email to find keywords. This can be done by any of various already implemented methods of keyword searches - using specialised services, removing common English words (using a white list) and stemming longer words (e.g. cats becomes cat) or other libraries im...