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System and Method for Utilizing Kinetic Sensors to Predict and Manage Physical Therapy Disclosure Number: IPCOM000243012D
Publication Date: 2015-Sep-08
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Disclosed are a system and method to use IoT sensors to predict and manage physical therapy.

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System and Method for Utilizing Kinetic Sensors to Predict and Manage Physical


As people age or experience an injury, their range of motion may change. Disclosed is a system and method that will help identify people that need to undergo physical therapy due to decreased range of motion. This method will use the Internet of Things (IoT) kinetic sensors to track range of motion. A doctor or physical therapist could do a baseline exam, at which time an individual's range of motion is logged into a database. At different intervals, additional screening would take place that would be compared to the baseline.

For a decrease in range of motion, the doctor could prescribe a series of physical therapy sessions to improve the range. A database of normal changes due to age, physical condition or injury could be included in the analytics to identify expected improvements based on a larger community having experienced the same conditions or symptoms at a similar age.

The system will utilize IoT sensors or video to tracking via a computer program to track the changes in motion over time. This will then be leveraged in a new methodology to allow for the recommendation of physical therapy.

The implementation will:
Be driven by a computer program used in a medical environment;

The computer program will record distinct measures of range of motion via IoT sensors or cameras;

And the computer program will compare the current readings to previous baseline readings;

And the c...