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mobile browser optimization on content processing and rendering in a splitted way Disclosure Number: IPCOM000243014D
Publication Date: 2015-Sep-09
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This disclosure describe a new way of making full use of available mobile devices' resources in certain situations in order to address the lack of compute/bandwidth resource in single mobile device, this disclosure make the implementation based on mobile web browser which the http standard can be use for distinguish different requests for different resource when rendering a web page, then to get the better performance in a brwoser splitted way

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mobile browser optimization on content processing and rendering in a splitted way

the mobile browser's performance is always not that positive as it is working with limited/unstable bandwidth and limited hardware resource, this disclosure describe a new way to handle the browser rendering task on mobile based on a splitted solution, different rendering component will focus on corresponding rendering target, and will merge together finally for mobile user

Main points of the disclosure:

1> split the browser into different portion, handle the different processing & rendering task

2> merge the result from different browser portion and generate the page


1> it can make full use of available idle device which install this browser plugin

2> it can be result in better performance in many cases

This is a mobile browser plugin, which work in following way:

1> browser plugin will search the available devices around, and split the processing/rending task 2> request will be send to available devices for different purpose

3> different device with the browser plugin will request corresponding content and handle it

4> device will response to the original browser

5> original browser plugin will combine different content and merge them together


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acquire different content:

1> split the request for different target/task based on current compute resource status among the devices, e.g. img/flash/.. 2> digest the target, gzip them, then response to original bro...