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Call MeetingNumber in IBM Notes Client Calendar with Sametime Integration Disclosure Number: IPCOM000243020D
Publication Date: 2015-Sep-09
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In desktop applications TelephoneNumbers should be recognized as hotspot links to the related telephony plugin used on the desktop

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Call MeetingNumber in IBM Notes Client Calendar with Sametime Integration

Currently, in many desktop applications, when you wish to attend a Conference Call you need to connect to remember or write down the callnumber, switch to the telephony plugin/application and dial the number from there.

    Voice over IP is becoming a standard in all companies. Users often don't have a desk phone anymore, but need to perform all their tasks from 1 single interface ; web or desktop application.

    This invention would simplify the software usage for end-users and make it possible to attend a call directly from their interface with minimal action requirement. The end-user doesn't need to know which functionalities are used in which application as the link is made in the back-end code.

    This user experience is similar to when a user clicks on a HTTP URL in a document or web page, the OS default browser opens up the related web page specified in the URL without having to go to the browser manually and copy in the URL.

Telephonenumbers should be recognized likewise using a pre-defined syntax, e.g. +

    Many products exist whitin which this type of integration would be very useful and enforce the single interface logic, often requested by end-users : mail / collaboration tools / web browsing can all be accessed from the same area.

    A user doesn't need to switch around from one application to another depending on the functionality requested.

    If multiple telephony applications exist on the de...