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A system to retain AR overlay information beyond the lifespan of the marker Disclosure Number: IPCOM000243025D
Publication Date: 2015-Sep-09
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This publication describes a method to retain an overlay on an Augmented Reality device once the marker for the overlay is out of sight.

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A system to retain AR overlay information beyond the lifespan of the marker

Current augmented reality (AR) technology recognises markers and displays information to the user relevant to what they are looking at. When the camera on the device (mobile phone, AR glasses, etc) finds a marker an overlay is displayed, when

the camera cannot see the marker the overlay is removed from the display. Overlays can contain any form of information, e.g. pictures, diagrams, text.

    The problem this system aims to solve is being able to retain overlays once a marker is no longer visible.

Fig. 1 Current AR behaviour

    The system described below details a method for retaining and storing AR overlays on a user's device (mobile, glasses, etc). Gestures from the user are read by the AR device and an overlay can be locked to the screen or saved. Local storage is required on the AR device to store the overlay and metadata related to it. A menu will be required to access saved overlays to recall them for later use.

    When a marker is seen by the AR camera, an overlay will be displayed in a location on the user's screen. The user will be able to use an input, such as hand gestures or buttons, to save the overlay either in place or to local storage. When the input is read by the AR device, the overlay will be retained on the device and rendered in it's current position. This will lock it on the screen for the user so they can continue to view the overlay beyond the initial life of the overlay. The user can then perform another gesture/input to remove the overlay when they are fin...