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Combining vehicle to vehicle communication and biometrics to create alerts when drivers are losing consciousness. Disclosure Number: IPCOM000243028D
Publication Date: 2015-Sep-09
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This invention describes a method to provide alerts to drivers of vehicles driven by unconscious drivers. It leverages biometrics and vehicle to vehicle communication to detect when a driver loses consciousness and using vehicle to vehicle communication it informs other vehicles and trigger alerts.

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Combining vehicle to vehicle communication and biometrics to create alerts when drivers are losing consciousness.

It is difficult for a driver to see if another driver is falling asleep, but a driver falling sleep is a big danger which could cost many lives. Using biometrics and vehicle to vehicle communication the information of a driver lossing consciousness could be transmitted and drivers could be warned.

    This invention assumes:
1 - Cars are equipped with a car to car communication system (The US is working on law mandating car to car communication from 2016, so it seems like a reasonable assumption)
2 - Cars internal computers can interface with biometrics collecting wearable devices.
3 - Car provides some form of augmented reality functionality. For instance information is projected on the windscreen to add more visual feedback to the driver.

    The invention links biometric data and smart cars. When a driver loses consciousness, the wearable informs the car which then broadcasts an alert through the car to car communication system. Other cars upon receipt of the alerts warns the drivers of the danger on the road.

1 - Vehicles are equipped with vehicle to vehicle communication that enables vehicles to send messages to each other when they are in proximity
2 - Wearable devices with biometric acquisition functionality can interface with the vehicle internal computer system
3 - Vehicles have technology to inform the driver of nearby road dangers

    Throughout the description of this invention we will refer to two vehicles A and B. The driver of vehicle A possesses a wearable device capable of determining

whether the wearer is conscious or not. Vehicle B will inform its driver of the danger caused by vehicle's A driver lack of consciousness.

    We assume vehicle A is capable of differ...