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Apparatus and method of Sharing Rich Information by Picture

IP.com Disclosure Number: IPCOM000243037D
Publication Date: 2015-Sep-10
Document File: 9 page(s) / 219K

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When sharing information between two sides online, the traditional methods (by text, picture, links, file, etc.) is not accurate and effective. This disclosure provides one method that capture application context information when sender capture the screen picture, and recover accurate application scene in receiver side which is the same with sender. The application context is called rich information related to the picture, and the method allows once capture and totally recovery in another side, make the sharing more accurate and effective.

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Apparatus and method of Sharing Rich Information by Picture

1. Background

During daily online communication, people usually want to share content like pictures, websites, texts, videos etc. Currently it is done by multiple means (by text, by picture, by other description) to share one thing. However, this sharing way is not "complete" and effective enough to describe what sender want to deliver. This disclosure provides a sharing method that contains rich information, it will provide "once" capture from sender, then recovery "rich" information in receiver's side as required. It will save lots of time to describe/search which part are targeted, and make the information more comprehensive.

2. Summary of Invention:

The core idea of this disclosure is to provide a rich information sharing method by picture.

1. When "capture a screenshot" from the sender part, this sharing method not only capture the picture as usually see, but also capture information behind it, including "running application", "Identification information", "if private", "position" and so on. All these related information are called "rich information" for this picture.

2. Rich information are captured along with the screenshot and saved in the temporary storage of the sender machine.

3. After sender sends out the snapshot, receiver received the picture as usual. What's the difference, receiver could active (recover) the picture and gets all rich information from server if he wants.

4. Then receiver can restore the UI that sender want to share to him, the same with that when sender capture the picture.

This kind of information sharing method allows user share what he wants in quickest way and it is more convenient and clear than real-time screen &voice sharing.

Meanwhile, this method can be applied to speed up the market diffusion for e-commerce. A group of pictures for goods can be send to end users for their directed browsing.

What's more, it is valuable when colleagues sharing working materials, files and some text content, comparing with traditional sharing way.

3. Description


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Chart 1 System Working Diagram

In this disclosure, sharing method is supposed to be divided into two major parts:

1. Picture/Data Capturing

This step is the core part of this picture sharing method. While to realize the method, there are several key points as below.

· Scope of Screen Capture

Picture sharing method provide the basic capacity to recognize the application in it. When user capture one screenshot which includes more than 1 applications, the reorganization of it will only focus on 1st application and ignore others.

· Collect data related to screenshot and application

To capture the information related to screenshot, following data should be made clear:

The application the screenshot is in, such as web browser, document, text, email tool.

The identification name for the current task, such as website link, article name.

Whether the task has private information, such...