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A System and Method of performance testing on web application business process system Disclosure Number: IPCOM000243038D
Publication Date: 2015-Sep-10
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As enterprise customized systems are more and more popular, Business Process Management Applications or Solutions are widely used in sofware market. But the performance test focus on Business Process Management Applications/Solutions is not traditional KPI, e.g. Page response time, etc. Business Process Management Applications/Solutions design tool new features, designers need more try and compare functions with small amount of code, more drag functions, and define business rule via simple process diagram. The Feedback from clients are more focus on performance of business process (e.g. processing efficiency of the business process), attention on processing capacity, human resource estimation and hardware bottlenecks. And also testers cannot get accurate performance parameters on business process from existing market popular performance tools. In this article, a system and method of performance testing was raised for web application business process system. The system with four modules could accurate and fast get performance KPIs, then recommendate the client user most volumn and further improvement. This system and method include three parts, 1. A frame that processing business process performance data flow, 2. Modules that processing captured data by agent, 3. Report data transformation and expression.

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A System and Method of performance testing on web application business process system

The model workflow includes

•Preparing data source

The data source are prepared via performance testing with traditional performance tool, or comes from Business Process Application Built-in Performance Monitor Tool. The third kind of souring is Test Management System

•Import data source

Data Source are imported at this step. Data of Automatic Task mainly come from data source prepared at step i), including steps number and time taken in each step for each process, duration of automatic process, etc. Data of Non-automatic task depends on operational data that client input. For example, the working hours that local labor laws permit, the shift working policy in company, etc.

•Dimensional Modeling

Whole process can be divided into data Extract, transformation, storage and management. After build up data warehouse, the system also set up dimensional data set via OLAP. Then analysis by special tools, and get analysis results.

•Generating performance model

The client could choose to generate performance models they preferred, including standard performance models for business process management system, or customized performance models.

The model result can be exported in common formats (e.g., Excel, PDF, CSV, XML).


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In this model,

1.Non-Automatic Task is considered into performance Usually a business process uses human tasks and the r...