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A System and Method of Mobile Test Device Selection Based on Mobile Cloud

IP.com Disclosure Number: IPCOM000243040D
Publication Date: 2015-Sep-10
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More and more clients start to extend their business on mobile devices. Meanwhile, development and test team is also on the way to build up capability on mobile app which is different from traditional desktop application. In this trend, how testers choose most suitable mobile devices in tens of thousands of devices repository, to cover most of clients current and future requirements, was a big problem to mobile develop and test users. In this article, a new system and method was raised to cover most suitable mobile devices for clients requirements. In the testing of Mobile APP, there are so many detailed problems before starting testing about the selection of test devices: Hard to keep or improve the appropriate coverage due to the Rapid changing in smartphone market Hard to achieve the max. test coverage with restricted test productivity and schedule How to measure the exact test coverage in agile projects How to select appropriate device based on App features

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A System and Method of Mobile Test Device Selection Based

A System and Method of Mobile Test Device Selection Based   

 on Mobile Cloud

on Mobile Cloud

The invention includes the following claim points:

A method to select test case for mobile device based on mobile cloud

A method to dynamically adjust priority of test cases according to testing result and requirement changes from customer

A method to dynamically adjust and maintain priority of device factor according to test result

A method to recreate test case based on threshold definition automatically

Main Idea

These two charts describes how to gain factors from requirements through cloud. The first chart describes that the system import the general requirement to Data Analysis Center, which includes all kinds of public or private cloud, then adjust the weight, and then export the valid factor to next process.


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The second chart described that import requirement with different types to statistic model, then get the differences, and put the factor to data pool. In data pool, initial factor value weight was improved and calculated with formula as below, and adjust all factor weight to 100% in total by weight for easy compare.


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This chart describe the test case generation process with variable considering,


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Here list a sample to describe attributes type and their values.


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This chart describes how to dynamically adjust priority of test cases according to...