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A system and method to accelerate web browsing speed through predictive caching Disclosure Number: IPCOM000243042D
Publication Date: 2015-Sep-10
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In this article, system and method of accelerating end-user web browsing speed is disclosed. With smarter preloading mechanism, context of active sessions across multiple applications is analyzed, then URL (Uniform Resource Locator) content is automatically preloaded based on analysis result. Such smarter preloading enables user to browse contents he/she might be interested in without network delay.

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A system and method to accelerate web browsing speed through predictive caching


In many web applications, user browses through a list of interested contents. For example:
- News feed (list of news)

- Forums (list of threads)

- Email (list of mails)

- Instant message (list of work item links)

When browsing those contents, delays caused by network is occurred every time user loads a specific content, and as result, user spends a lot of time waiting for the loading.

The proposed invention attempts to solve this problem.

Core idea/Claim point
Core Idea

Automatic predict and preload URLs which user might be interested in, by analyzing context of active sessions across multiple applications "Active Session" can be:

Opened web pages, mails

Currently active conversations in instant message software Currently browsing content in social media

Claim Point

A system for data preload comprises of
Application agent: monitor active sessions of individual client applications and send context to analysis module





Analysis module: aggregate and analyze session context, and prioritize the url to preload

Action module: trigger data preoload to cache according to the the list generated by analysis


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1.Pre-loaded contents are presented to end user without network delay
2. Instead of blindly pre-loading all contents, analysis module prioritizes the list so that when user requests for a content, the content is more likely to have finished pre-lo...