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Method and System for Pre-Filling Input Data using Analytics Disclosure Number: IPCOM000243106D
Publication Date: 2015-Sep-15
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A method and system is disclosed for pre-filling input data using analytics.

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Method and System for Pre-Filling Input Data using Analytics

There are multiple mechanisms on applications to pre-fill input data on forms based on user's history or other historical data on a device. However, the pre data may not be always correct for a new form.

Disclosed is a method and system for pre-filling input data using analytics. The method and system defines a mechanism to pre-fill data and input the data into forms utilizing analytics which determines the likelihood of the data being correct for a new form. The method and system utilizes colors to highlight the probability of the test being correct for the new form. For example, red, yellow or green can be used based on the level of probability. The system enables a user to customize limit value levels for the probability to define when the input probability needs to be considered as low, medium or high. The user is allowed to select levels that the user needs to see in the input fields. For example, if the user can be interested in seeing only the high probability level suggestions, then only the high probability level suggestions are displayed.

The figure illustrates a block diagram of the system for pre-filling input data using analytics.


As illustrated in the figure, the system includes a system data loader, an analytics analyzer and a data formatting component. The system data loader is called when a new page or a new window is invoked in the system. The system data loader analyzes fields in the new page or the new window and determines if the analytics analyzer is required to be invoked. The system data loader also displays information to a user.


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The analytics analyzer uses an existing solution, browser history, or cookies to find potential candidate data. The analytics analyzer also determines the confidence value level for the candidate data.

The data formatting component is used by the analytics analyzer after the candidate data is found. Based on the confidence value level, the data formatting component formats the data to be presented to the user. The confidence value can be determined using the percentage of probability for the data. For example, the confidence for the candidate data is low if the confidence value is 1-50%, medium...