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A method and apparatus to enable Event publication in the cloud Disclosure Number: IPCOM000243291D
Publication Date: 2015-Sep-18
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Addition of extra classification data to Event specification to enable Events to be sent external to the enterprise, and the capability to remove or obfuscate a subset of the fields of this event when being sent externally. Enabling the same Event data to be used in full internally, and also to be sent externally without security/privacy issues, whilst still making it useful to external consumers.

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A method and apparatus to enable Event publication in the cloud

Complex Event processing has up to now been a mainly on-premise domain. It can require significant investment in hardware & relatively complex architectures for companies to manage. It has also typically meant that an enterprise only has access to its own Event data. As a simpler and cheaper alternative for businesses wanting to use Complex Event Processing we envisage a shift to a cloud based platform is likely over the next few years.

    In a cloud environment Complex Event Processing has many possibilities and challenges that are different to on-premise Complex Event Processing. One such possibility is that Events could be published between organisations. For example a marketing company may be interested in Event data from a credit card company so that they could target advertising for expensive products in areas where people spend the most money. This could provide an additional revenue stream for the credit card company, as they could sell access to their events.

    However this sharing of potentially sensitive event data has security and data protection issues as individuals or companies might not want their data shared beyond the company they have permitted to use it.

    The system herein encompasses methods that could be used to either remove or obfuscate sensitive data from Events when used in a Complex Event Processing environment in the cloud, whilst ensuring the Events are useful to other companies.

    The system herein consists of adding capability to denote events & event fields that should not be sent externally, and also fields that should be obfuscated when sent externally. It also covers the processing required at runtime to enable this capability. This enables the same Events to be either used internally where they will have the full data available, or published externally without causing security/data protection concerns.

A complex event processing system would typically have an interface where Events are described, e.g.
a credit card transaction is a business event with a cardID,

a debit amount(numeric),

a balance (numeric),

a credit limit (numeric),

a transaction code,

a merchant type,

a merchant id,

a transaction time.

For the proposed invention this notation could be modified as such: a credit card transaction is an internal & external business event with a cardID (obfuscate),

a debit amount(numeric),

a balance (numeric, notExternal),

a credit limit (numeric),

a transaction code (notExternal),

a merchant...