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Getting Started with Enterprise Miner Software Release 4.1 Disclosure Number: IPCOM000243304D
Original Publication Date: 2000-Dec-31
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Getting Started with

Enterprise MinerSoftware

Release 4.1

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Getting Started with Enterprise Miner Software, Release 4.1

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4 Introduction to Enterprise Miner Software 1

Data Mining Overview 1

Layout of Enterprise Miner 2
Using the Application Main Menus 3 Using the Toolbox 9

Using the Pop-up Menus 10

Unavailable and Dimmed Items 10 Enterprise Miner Documentation 10

Chapter 2

4 Working with Projects 13

Project Overview 13
Project Directory Structure 14
Viewing and Specifying Project Properties 15 Creating a New Local Project 18
Creating a Client/Server Project 20 Opening a Process Flow Diagram 29 Opening an Existing Project 29
Saving a Project Diagram 30
Running a Project Diagram 31
Closing Projects and Diagrams 32
Creating a New Diagram 32
Deleting Projects and Diagrams 32
Project Troubleshooting Tips 34
Exporting Version 4.0 Projects 35 Importing a Version 2.0x Project 35 Opening a Version 3.0x Project 36

Chapter 3

4 Building Process Flow Diagrams 37

Components Used to Build Process Flow Diagrams 37 Using the Diagram Workspace Pop-up Menu 39 Adding Nodes to a Diagram 40
Using the Node Pop-up Menu 41
Connecting Nodes in a Diagram 41
Cutting Connections in a Diagram 43
Deleting Nodes from a Diagram 43
Moving Nodes in a Diagram 44
Copying and Pasting a Node 45
Cloning a Node 45

Chapter 4

4 Process Flow Diagram...