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PROC SQL Beyond the Basics using SAS Disclosure Number: IPCOM000243397D
Original Publication Date: 2004-Dec-31
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Beyond the Basics Using SAS®

Kirk Paul Lafler

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PROC SQL: Beyond the Basics Using SAS®

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Preface vii

Dedication xi
Acknowledgments xiii

Chapter 1 Designing Database Tables 1

1.1 Introduction 2
1.2 Database Design 2
1.3 Column Names and Reserved Words 8
1.4 Data Integrity 9
1.5 Database Tables Used in This Book 10
1.6 Table Contents 13
1.7 Summary 21

Chapter 2 Working with Data in PROC SQL

2.1 Introduction 24
2.2 Data Types Overview 24
2.3 SQL Operators and Functions 32
2.4 Dictionary Tables 70
2.5 Summary 83

Chapter 3 Formatting Output

3.1 Introduction 86
3.2 Formatting Output 86
3.3 Formatting Output with the Output Delivery

System 101
3.4 Summary 107

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iv Contents

Chapter 4 Coding PROC SQL Logic

4.1 Introduction 110
4.2 Conditional Logic 110
4.3 CASE Expressions 112
4.4 Interfacing PROC SQL with the Macro Language 121
4.5 Summary 135

Chapter 5 Creating, Populating, and Deleting

5.1 Introduction 138
5.2 Creating Tables 138
5.3 Populating Tables 147
5.4 Integrity Constraints 156
5.5 Deleting Rows in a Table 171
5.6 Deleting Tables 174
5.7 Summary 178

Chapter 6 Modifying and Updating Tables and

6.1 Introduction 180
6.2 Modifying Tables...