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Original Publication Date: 1999-Dec-31
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SAS® Language Reference: Dictionary, Version 8

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The correct bibliographic citation for this manual is as follows: SAS Institute Inc. 1999. SAS£Language Reference: Dictionary, Version 8. Cary, NC: SAS Institute Inc.

SAS£Language Reference: Dictionary, Version 8

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4 Introduction 3

Chapter 2

4 Data Set Options 5

Definition 6
Syntax 6
Using Data Set Options 6
Data Set Options by Category 7
Dictionary 9

Chapter 3

      4 Formats 49 Definition 51

Syntax 52

Using Formats 52

Byte Ordering on Big Endian and Little Endian Platforms 55

Working with Packed Decimal and Zoned Decimal Data 57

International Date and Datetime Formats 60

Formats by Category 66

Dictionary 71

Chapter 4

      4 Functions and CALL Routines 199 Definitions 206

Syntax 206

Using Functions 208

Using Random-Number Functions and CALL Routines 211

Pattern Matching Using Regular Expression (RX) Functions and CALL Routines 213

Base SAS Functions for Web Applications 213

Functions and CALL Routines by Category 213

Dictionary 226

References 626

Chapter 5

      4 Informats 629 Definition 631

Syntax 631

Using Informats 632

Byte Ordering on Big Endian and Little Endian Platforms 634

Working with Packed Decimal and Zoned Decimal Data 636

Informat Aliases 640

Informats by Category 640

Dictionary 644


P A R T 1 Dictionary of Language Elements 1

Chapter 1

Changes and Enhancements v

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Chapter 6 Statements 743

Definition 745

DATA Step Statements 745

Global Statements 750

Dictionary 752

Chapter 7