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Undo history tree for file editing Disclosure Number: IPCOM000243421D
Publication Date: 2015-Sep-21
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When editing a document, have you ever undo something that you think it's wrong, and minutes later you found original thought is actually better than what you have changed. But somehow you have no way to get back to original input. The current undo feature supports user to undo for certain steps, and once you have undo then perform a new action, you may not able to redo to get perform the previous action you have done. So having this invention user can easily jump back to any specific point that the user want to roll back to.

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Undo history tree for file editing

This invention is tend to claim a methodology to facilitate user with more convenience use of undo feature. The core idea of this invention is to create a history tree for undo feature which can be apply to various of different application, for example word editing application, drawing application or any application that contents undo feature.

The advantages of the invention are:
1. Save effort on reproduce the work you have already done
2. Can be apply on cloud base application, for example online synchronize multiple user text editor, when number of people modifying a same document, we can have multiple history tree thread indicating each different user's action.

3. Base on point two, we could also provide merge function to merge multiple history entry into one.
4, Each node of the tree (undo history) can be presented as a thumbnail of the operation that user performed, users can then hover the node to show the

whole document/picture, It also locates the portion that users just edit
5. It is useful for mobile users or users who wears some kind of wearable IOT glasses using AR function. Less typing, try to make everything as icon or graphics

The core idea of this invention is to record all the action that an end user has perform on an application. Fig 1 shows an example of a drawing application, with steps that clearly show how a star been drew.

Fig 2, shows an user has fall back 3 steps from 5 or 2. Then a new separate of undo hi...