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Collabration through group guestures Disclosure Number: IPCOM000243437D
Publication Date: 2015-Sep-22
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This article presents a method/system of enabling mobile users collaboration through group gestures. With this capability, collabroation between mobile suers become very easy and convenient. Users can be connected with a single gesture.

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Collabration through group guestures

Mobile device(and wearable device) becomes more and more popular. It's common for user to collaborate by mobile applications.

This disclosure presents a new method of collaboration by group gestures.

Build collaboration relationship by group gestures

-- maybe initiated by one person, and others use same or pair gestures.

-- Users can starts collaboration once the collaboration relationship is being created. -- Limited within nearby persons


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Figure 1

Figure 1 illustrates how this invention works. let us take creating group chat as example: User of Mobile Device 0 initiate of creating a chatting group simply by a gesture. Mobile Device 1, 2, 3, 4 have same gesture, user 1, 2, 3 joined the chatting group while user 4 isn't because he's far award from user 0.

This idea has many other user scenarios, for example, one famous speaker just finished his speech. He wants all of the audience to follow him in social application. He can initiate this by simply a gesture. All the audience with same gesture will be able to follow him automatically.


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Figure 2

Figure 2 illustrate User of Mobile Device 0 initiates a file sending by a hand gesture. User 1,2,3 receives the file by a pair hand gesture.

Background technology - Bio-electronic

which is introducing bio-electronic technology. With bio-electronic technology, user can operation wearable device simply by hand gestures. With this b...