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A Mechanism and Apparatus of Real-time Abbreviation Assistant based on Hybrid Cloud Learning Disclosure Number: IPCOM000243440D
Publication Date: 2015-Sep-22
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This disclosure claims a mechanism and apparatus of real-time abbrieviation assistant based on hybrid cloud learning. The main idea is mainly consist of a hybrid cloud learning process, a context association ranking mechanism and a user-friendly real-time assistance apparatus. This mechanism offers fully dynamic abbrieviation coverage, precise translation, collaborative maintenance, and real-time assistance.

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A Mechanism and Apparatus of Real

A Mechanism and Apparatus of Real-

Problem to solve:

Every organization has a large amount of abbreviations that are frequently used to improve communication efficiency, and most of them are meaningful only within the organization scope.

Also, in online meeting scenario, there could be a series of problems if abbreviations are frequently used:
1. There always have members who are not familar with the topic
2. You'd better not interrept the speaker or ping other listeners just for asking the meaning of a certain abbreviation
3. Sometimes you cannot find the expanded form of abbreviations from the sharing screen either.

Thus, lack of knowledge of certain abbreviations would make you become a helpless listener who does not know what speakers are talking about.

Existing Solution Limitations

1. Lack of coverage

Existing tools are global, and have no knowledge on organization-defined abbreviations.

2. Confidentiality concern
Organization abbreviations cannot be connected and released to global tools, due to confidential reasons.

3. Not Real-time
Even if we have online dictionaries / index books developed by the organization, it can not help real-time meeting scenarios.
4. Not subject to changes

Organization developed dictionaries / index books need extra effort to maintain and it's very hard for them to follow the pace of emerging abbreviations.

Main idea:
1. Hybrid Cloud Learning Process
Abbreviation knowledge is contributed by each and every organization member, during the writing of email, deck, design doc, white paper etc.

Abbreviation database is maintained in the organizational private cloud, with no issues for confidentiality.

2. Context Association Ranking
Abbreviation suggestions are ranked using context association factors, which are automatically generated using user context, topic context, etc., so to provide the most accurate suggestions on the abbreviations
3. Real-time Assistance
Abbreviations are automatically detected from meeting audios and documents, and interpreted in real time, present accurate suggestions and histories based on cloud learning knowledge, in a context ranked manner.

Detailed Description

1. Cloud Learning Module

--time Abbreviation Assistant based on Hybrid Cloud Learning

time Abbreviation Assistant based on Hybrid Cloud Learning


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(1). Ways to update the dictionary

When a doc (email, deck, design doc, white paper) is being written, prompted hints will be popped up if new abbreviation is detected, asking the writer to input the precise


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(2) On the other hand, if the add-on find multiple existing translation for one abbreviation, it will prompt to let the writer select the appropriate one.

2. Real-time Assistance Module


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